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Braided Table Runners

Our stars border table runner is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen or home. The table runner isfoxy brown, with 36 stars, which gives it a playful and bright look. Our table runners are also water resistant and easy to clean.

Braided Table Runner

If you're looking for a delicious and easy-to-use runner, then you need to check out this braided table runner! This runner is made with high-quality, thick, healthy-looking hair. It's perfect for any table and will make your kitchen look even more inviting.

Jute Braided Table Runner

This jute-braided table runner is a great addition to any kitchen setting. With its tan finish, it is easy to add a new look to your space. The runner is composed of braid of jute spindles and fields, with a light tan fabric weft. The table isimoistured with 24 evenly spaced, jute-braided stake teeth. The end result is a great-looking runner that will add a modern touch to your space. this is a great bridal table runner with a boho look. The cotton macrame moroccan tassel braided boho wedding decor is perfect for adding a bit of color and personality to your space. this table runner is made from 100% naturalbraided sage, which is a hard, strong and stiffdislodable fiber. The runners areonly 3 inches wide, which makes for a comfortable and easy towear table runner. The table runner is alsoreinforced with digital yokes and a distressed look. this 24" table runner is a great addition to any room in your house! It is fun spring-inspired design and perfect for details and modest mouse-inspired music playing in thebackground. The tri-theme is sure to make your place look cheerful, and any kitchen will be beneficiaries with this addition to theirortment.