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Mandala Table Runner

Looking for a stylish table runner to add a touch of elegance to your room? Don't search more than the Mandala table runner! This aurelia table runner features an elegant golden table runner with a silk Mandala formality, with a comfortable contour fit, table runner is will make a sterling addition to your home.

Cheap Mandala Table Runner

The Mandala table runner is a luxurious table runner made of luxurious silk it is formaldehyde free and is meant to add style and look on a formal or table, it is likewise composed of an 70-inch wide silk for mica surface and is composed of 20 threads per inch. This table runner is excellent for your next formal event, the soft, brown and gold wall tapestry is a first-class addition to your décor. This table runner is fabricated of 60-inch silk cotton, / formal fabric. It is produced of dark gold Mandala formality, it gives an ebony finish. This table runner is produced of 60-inch silk brocade white and imparts a gilded hand-tooled spinning violet Mandala design, the table's edge presents been treated with a special oil to depth the natural mahogany woodgrain. There are gauge-weave(s) for a no-nonsense, modern look, or a more abstract, abstract look, the table is 3-weeney wide, 2-weeney deep, and presents an 1-inch swan tailstock. This ethnic peacock table runner is an unrivaled decorative tablecloth for a christmas gift, the brocade table runner presents gold christmas purple lookalike fabric color. This table runner is moreover first-rate for being a part of a home decor set-up, the table runner is 3' wide x 6' wide and is produced of high-quality fabrics. It is top-of-the-heap for any home.