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Vinyl Table Runner

Our vinyl table runner is the perfect upgrade for your home! It's comfortable and stylish, perfect for a special occasion. The natural finish add a touch of luxury to any room. Finally, no one will know how much you paid for your table runner.

Vinyl Table Runners

There are a few things you can do to improve your vinyl table runner's look. The first is to use a light-up led light in the front or back of the runner. This will indicate to your guests where they should place their hands when they are eating or drinking. another thing you can do is to use a different color for thebase of the runner. This will make it look more unique and stylish. finally, make sure you are using the correct number of runners for the correct task. When eating or drinking, everyone should have at least four runners.

Vinyl Lace Table Runners

This elegant vinyl table runner has a comfortable fit and is perfect for either a neat and sleek table surface or the perfect amount of storage. The leaf design is how this runner comes together and is an ideal choice for a table that will show herouvenle or formal presence. Plus, the earthy colors will add a touch of cheerful cool to any setting. this 4 foot table runner is a great addition to your home and perfect for your home's look. This runner is made of luxury easy care woven vinyl and will continued to look great with even the mostdslers. this is a great value for a runner for your vinyl table. The runner has 12x72 non-slip heat resistant gripping surfaces. It is also122*72" in size for a larger space. if you're looking for a delicious, heavy-duty vinyl table runner to go with your centerpieces or fall salads, look no further than mainstays. This runner has 14x36 leaves of maple trees, giving it a beautiful fall look. Plus, its durable plastic construction means that it will last long into the year.